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The Chris Waffle Explosion: Welcome


What happens when nerd rock musician, Chris Waffle, and Canby City Councilor, Sarah Spoon, join forces to create music influenced by their love of pop culture and passion for social justice?  The answer is The Chris Waffle Explosion.  Formed during the pandemic shutdown of 2020, isolation led to creation and now they're ready to bring their comedy/nerdcore rap to the masses.


Sarah Spoon was the first openly queer elected official in Canby, Oregon.  She was a twice elected city councilor committed to supporting historically marginalized communities, improving the housing crisis, and enhancing the parks system. She works for a DEIB non-profit whose mission is intersectional workplace  inclusion and belonging for LGBTQ2SIA+ employees. She has appeared on several board game and comic convention panels to discuss why women and nerds should run for office.  She developed a love for performance as a nationally ranked high school value debater and in collegiate policy debate, has emceed national conventions and was awarded the Advocate of the Year by a health charity in 2016 with Chris Waffle.


Chris Waffle has been writing and performing music for more than 25 years.  He started his career as part of the comedy rock duo Hot Waffles who appeared with Kevin Smith, Dr. Demento, Tommy Chong and on KROQ.  He's made appearances on The Travel Channel's America's Worst Driver, Attack of the Show, and in the feature film The People vs. George Lucas.  His current nerd rock group, Megathruster, has performed at Rose City Comic Con, Gen-Con, and Kracklefest.  He's a frequent comic convention nerd music panelist, and has emceed other national conventions.  He was awarded the Advocate of the Year by a health charity in 2016 with Sarah Spoon.



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